Frequently asked questions and answers

To place an order, you must first find a series on the website through the search form or from the series page, and from the search result or by clicking on the series, fill in the correct form, fill in additional details as appropriate, and we will deal with it as soon as we identify your order and get back with an answer.

It is very advisable to specify a delivery address, as well as the payment method you prefer, so we can send you the most complete offer.

Our payment methods are: Payment by Bank Transfer (the most common) and Payment by card

To get in touch with us, you can go to the contact page, where you will find all the ways to contact us.

However, we recommend you to use the contact form, which is available non-stop, but we do not encourage you to abuse it.

There is a large volume of requests, which we deal with for their bidding, that is why the system accepts at most two bid requests, until they have been confirmed and offered.

You can send a new request, after you will receive a message from us regarding the previous request.

There is no strict time rule, but for any price request, you should receive an answer within a maximum of 1-2 working days or faster, but not less than 30 minutes.

When the system warns you that there are already unresolved messages in the system, it means that you will receive a response to them.

Along with the answer sent from us, you will be able to return with another message through the contact form.

Delivery details will be specified in the proforma and will be reconfirmed after payment confirmation.

Normally, the delivery takes 1-2 days on the territory of Romania, 2-5 days in the European Union and 3-10 days outside the European Union (this includes the time with customs).

The reasons for a longer delivery time may be: the ordered products are more special and must be brought from outside the European Union, such as the USA, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Asia, etc. or the couriers are very busy during the holiday periods (Year New, Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, ..)

Why The Bearing Stores

The main reason why you should choose The Bearing Stores is precisely that you can get the best price offer.

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Fake or original, how do you check?

There are already rumors, but also realities about counterfeit products that generate many risks regarding use and warranty.

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Old stock now heavily discounted

We currently have stocks left over from old orders, stocks that now benefit from a big discount.

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